Timothy R. Roe


Timothy Roe is the founder and principal of M2D and is responsible for all activities related to PV system setups and transformations required to address a multitude of business challenges.  M2D draws upon a network of the industry's top professionals for specific expertise such as medics, PharmDs and EU QPPVs.

Timothy is a 20-year senior business leader with the expertise, passion and global reputation for helping organizations plan for, reach and exceed targets. He is an accomplished “client-partner” style team-builder who takes pride in fostering strong and enduring relationships.

Timothy made a career transition to PV and MA after a successful career on the commercial side of the business. Enthusiasm for PV, MA and R&D developed after being afforded opportunities to work on commercial bridge programs. GPV and GMA have evolved into a focused specialty and strength.

Timothy currently provides consulting and solutions to the bio-pharmaceuticals, medical device and healthcare industries, top US and international management consulting firms and Wall Street analysts. He is also a board member of IronNimbus, Inc., a US-based medical information long-term storage and business continuity platform built in a former underground nuclear bunker just outside of Houston, TX.

Timothy has led projects as large as $10 million (USD) for blue chip pharmaceutical companies and has solid experience leading both small and large, 1500+ organizations. His current work in pharmacovigilance resourcing, modeling and worldwide Drug Safety Officer management has garnered him worldwide recognition from global top consultancies.

Early Career

Timothy’s career began as a pharmaceutical sales rep and progressed to district and regional sales management. Timothy earned the status of being the #1 rep in the country for G.D. Searle two years in a row including the #1 Rookie rep in 1995. Of the products he was responsible for promoting, he was continuously ranked between #1 and #3 in the nation. GD Searle’s parent organization, Monsanto, selected Timothy to participate in their highly ambitious management rotation program.

Timothy attended the LC Smith College of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences at Syracuse University. He did his graduate work at the Rochester Institute of Technology and then the University of Hartford where he earned a dual MBA in Marketing and Finance. After graduating with “distinction” honors, Timothy spent a couple years in the Financial Sector before moving into Life Sciences.

While working in Chicago, Timothy attended Northwestern University’s Kellogg School where he studied leadership, strategic and psychological marketing. His experience includes the “Big-C” brands; the launch of Celebrex (Now Pfizer), Cipro (Bayer) and Claritin/Clarinex (Schering-Plough/Merck). He has also managed various size brands in smaller organizations including those in niche and specialty markets.

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Our Approach

We employ strategic mapping methodologies from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and Lean Six Sigma tools.

Whether you engage us for pharmacovigilance or medical affairs transformations, we utilize pragmatic approaches to identifying  "ground truth" to assess where you are today ("R" state).  Once paired with management vision and organizational objectives, we are enabled to develop a comprehensive plan to help you get to where you need to be ("2B" state).

But the secret sauce is in the approach to change management.  This is often overlooked by executive teams or confused with simple communication plans.  This is only a fraction of change management.  We employ Prosci methods since they are simple, organized, and effect the most impactful behavioral change in the shortest period of time.